My Dog is a Cliche – Postman Wars

dog with letter

Holly has a nemesis. I know she’s a walking, drooling cliche but it’s the postman.He keeps posting letters through the door and leaving everytime Holly barks. So the coward doesn’t even stay to face the music…

She’s not keen on visitors at the best of times but this time she’s bearing a grudge. She only needs to see him getting out of his van or crossing the street on a walk and she starts eyeballing him. It’s like she’s thinking “What self respecting visitor would be wearing shorts in this cold weather? That is definitely a postman.”

She’s on red alert when she hears the van pull up our drive. She restricts herself to barking at him when we aren’t in the house. Apart from the shameful time we were in the garden and the gates were open and she chased his van down the drive but we don’t talk about that…

When we are home she adds an extra level of excitement as we rush to see whether we can pick up the mail before Holly shreds it.

Half our Christmas cards will have a little doggie chew mark on the corner where we didn’t quite make it. This is not quite as bad as when Simon ordered a new part for his computer from a well known internet auction site and Holly ripped open the attractive jiffy bag and ate the contents. After being really pleased to outbid his rivals and win the item Simon was slightly less pleased when he was asked to write a review and had to put “Arrived quickly and well packaged before being eaten by my dog.”

So if you plan to send us a Christmas card this year please put it in a thick envelope as I don’t think that Holly will be extending the season of goodwill to include postmen…

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