About Rover Recommended

I run a website called www.roverrecommended.com that finds the best dog friendly places to visit and stay in the UK. I rehomed a very nervous rescue dog called Holly and we started www.roverrecommended.com so that she could always come with us on days out and holidays. We found so many great dog friendly places that we started the website to share them with other dog owners. We have 1000’s of dog friendly cottages, B&Bs, hotels, beaches, pubs and attractions. You can share your recommendations and reviews with other dog owners, quickly find dog friendly attractions, pubs and beaches near to where you are staying and plan the perfect dog walk. All proceeds from www.roverrecommended.com go to dog rescue charities, currently the Border Collie Rescue Trust GB.

5 thoughts on “About Rover Recommended

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I’m always happy to meet another dog lover. If Max and I ever get to the UK we will know the best spots to visit. Holly is gorgeous – love the photo on your header!


  2. Thanks so much for following my photoblog. I’m thrilled to see that all proceeds generated from your website go to dog rescue charities.


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